Nanoset - The Latest in Nano Densification Technology
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Take your architectural and commercial concrete to the next level with the NanoSet™ Polishing System. Our revolutionary concrete polishing system of densifiers, sealers and cleaners leverages all the sustainable advantages of polished concrete flooring. The design versatility of the NanoSet™ Polishing System gives your customers the economical, low-maintenance, high-performance solution needed and delivers it faster, better and greener. It is unmatched in durability and reliability. And it can help you achieve phenomenal results more quickly for either new or existing concrete.

NanoSet™ Cornerstone - Click here for more info.

NanoSet™ Densifier - Click here for more info.

NanoSet™ Protector - Click here for more info.

NanoSet™ Cleaner - Click here for more info.


Use for Both Polished and Unpolished Surfaces
Our user-friendly NanoSet™ Polishing System allows you to achieve a broad range of aesthetically appealing options for polished concrete. It competes with the most economical concrete coatings in price and rivals the most expensive floor coverings in aesthetics.

Unpolished concrete can also be an excellent, hard-working floor with it's own unique appearance. When enhanced with our NanoSet™ technology, it becomes more durable, stain-resistant, and easier to clean and maintain.

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  • Newlook International undertook the grinding and polishing of the old, worn concrete floor at Deep Creek Brews & Eats in Browns Bay and bought it to life! An excellent job by Jason and the team

    Jarred & the team at Deep Creek Brewing Co.
  • The floor in our Cafe looks amazing now. What a change! We are so glad to have come across the Nanoset Polishing System.

    Peter McFarlane, Cafe Owner
  • We would recommend the Nanoset System to anyone looking for hard wearing polished concrete floors. Well worth the money spent.

    Andrew Smith, Chain Store Owner