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NanoSetâ„¢ Cornerstone

What is Cornerstone?

A custom formulated two component cement base product.
It can be placed over existing wood, concrete, linoleum, VCT, tile, and ceramic tile, etc. Recommended pouring thickness is 10mm. The flexible nature of this product allows for a seamless finish.

Cost Effective

The Cornerstone system installs faster with 50% less polishing steps when compared with traditional systems.

Cornerstone can be poured over almost any surface with it's elasticity and bonding properties.

Styles and Colours

Cornerstone can be made to look like travertine, marble, granite, solid surface, terrazzo and almost any custom look. Stone or glass aggregate can be added. The natural colour of the Cornerstone mix is beige.

Unlimited Colour Options

Cornerstone can be pigmented to achieve virtually any colour. You can use any UV stable pigments from your local paint store that are used to pigment paint, unlike typical concrete mixes, the pigments are fully compatible with our mixes.

With Cornerstone, multiple finishes are possible - Polished, Honed, Smooth, Leathered and more.


  • Cornerstone has the ability to expand or contract depending on the movement and or the deflection of the substrate.
  • Anti Bacterial properties.
  • High compressive strength (54mpa+).
  • Unlimited life expectancy.
  • Repairable, bonds to itself, if damage does happen it can be easily repaired.
  • Low and almost no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) making it safe and non-toxic to install in closed ventilation environments.


  • Cost effective
  • Cut labour time in half
  • Any thickness possible
  • Any colour, any aggregate, any design
  • Insitu or offsite manufacturing


  • Cost effective
  • Expansive areas no expansion joins
  • Quick drying
  • Unlimited design option – marble, terrarzo, travertine etc
  • 50% less polishing steps than other systems


  • Newlook International undertook the grinding and polishing of the old, worn concrete floor at Deep Creek Brews & Eats in Browns Bay and bought it to life! An excellent job by Jason and the team

    Jarred & the team at Deep Creek Brewing Co.
  • The floor in our Cafe looks amazing now. What a change! We are so glad to have come across the Nanoset Polishing System.

    Peter McFarlane, Cafe Owner
  • We would recommend the Nanoset System to anyone looking for hard wearing polished concrete floors. Well worth the money spent.

    Andrew Smith, Chain Store Owner